The Darwin Leisure Property Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of UK Holiday and Leisure Parks and provides long-term investors with exposure to the lucrative £2.5 billion UK Holiday Park industry.


Stable, consistent returns of 6-8% per annum*

Income is the main focus of returns and is generated through:


Income Units Available

For those investors seeking a stable income source from which to pay their pension liabilities, the Fund offers Income units, with targeted dividend payments of 6% per annum. Payments are made at 4 points each year.*

* 6% is a target. Income payments are not guaranteed and subject to change.


Uncorrelated Returns

Investing in the Darwin Leisure Property Fund provides a significant diversification benefit to investors as returns are uncorrelated from all mainstream assets, including real estate.


Considerable Demand

Holiday parks are an important component of the UK travel industry, accounting for around 17% of Britain’s entire holiday economy.  

Aberconwy, Conwy
Hawkchurch, Devon
Cheddar Woods, Somerset
Bath Mill, Somerset